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 Wayne County Heroin Prevention Task Force was formed in 2014 in reaction to an ever-growing heroin epidemic that is sweeping across our country and has become a very serious problem right here in our community. The citizen-based task force is a coalition of community, social media and government agencies. 



 Our mission is to show the citizens of Wayne County the prevalence of the opiate and heroin epidemic, to inform them on what the signs and symptoms are, to provide avenues of treatment, to eliminate drug-related crime in our area, provide through public education, support law enforcement, and offer hands-on Narcan training. 


Our mission includes:

  • Education for all ages
  • Community awareness
  • Hands-on Narcan training and free kits
  • Community safety
  • Supports all law enforcement
  • Working relationships with behavioral health systems, hospitals, current addicts, and their family, friends, and especially those in recovery.


Key Role

The key role of this group is to be proactive with this epidemic. It is also the group’s focus to be in the eyes and ears of law enforcement, know your neighbors, be a good neighbor and if you see something relative to this or any other drug problem, text that information to the Wayne County Drug Task Force at 570-391-0657. The presence of this task force on our streets, in our parks, and in our establishments will send out a message that this community is smart, engaged and actively fighting the crisis. I can’t stress enough that we are not vigilant – we believe in accountability as well as prevention. This group is over 5000 people and the number keeps rising. Join our group on Facebook and become part of the solution – people helping people.

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Wayne County Heroin Prevention Task Force

Wayne County Heroin Prevention Task Force 252 Grandview Ave, Honesdale, PA 18431

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